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Proceedings of the IVth International Congress of the Ethnobotany (ICEB 2005)

Proceedings of the IVth International Congress of the Ethnobotany (ICEB 2005)
by Z.Fusun Ertug

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693 pp, b/w illustrations, pb, articles in English.


Organizers of ICEB 2005
A Brief History of the ICEB
Panel and Workshop Descriptions
Foreword and Acknowledgements


•GISPERT CRUELLS, Montserrat / A novel approximation to the alimentary culture from an ethnobotanical perspective
•HEYWOOD, Vernon H. / Biodiversity, global change and human health
•PRANCE, Ghillean T. / Some current challenges facing the indigenous peoples of South America
•TURNER, Nancy J. / Lessons from the grandmothers: Women's roles in traditional botanical knowledge and wisdom in Northwestern North America
PANEL 1: Ethnobotanical Studies of Wild Plant Foods


•ASSOGBADJO, Achille Ephrem - E. DE CALUWE, Brice SINSIN, J.T.C. CODJIA, Patrick VAN DAMME / Indigenous knowledge of rural people and importance of baobab tree (Adansonia digitata L.) in Benin
•SANTAYANA, Manuel PARDO DE - Javier TARDIO, Ana Maria CARVALHO, Juan Jose LASTRA, Elia SAN-MIGUEL - Emilio BLANCO and Ramon MORALES / Diversity and selection of wild food plants in six regions of Northwestern Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal)
•TURNER, Nancy J. / From the roots: Indigenous root vegetables of British Columbia, their management and conservation
•GARCIA, Gisella CRUZ / Children’s knowledge and valuation of wild food plants: The influence of an educational program with tribal and non-tribal children in Western Ghats, India
•DIAS, Luis S. and Alexandra S. DIAS / Herbs and spices in traditional recipes of Alentejo (Portugal)
•DIAZ RICO, M. en C. Argelia / Ethnobotany of nourishing plants cultivated and utilizated by the ethnic group Mixteco in Tepuente, Guerrero State, Mexico
•ESPINOSA-MORENO, Judith - Dora CENTURION-HIDALGO, Jaime Gabriel CAZARES-CAMERO / Edible weeds associated to agricultural plots in Tacotalpa, Tabasco, Mexico
•FITZPATRICK, Ian C. / A study of recognition, transmission and use of wild-food plants in two Wichi communities of the Argentine Chaco
•GIOVANNINI, Peter / Management, biology and cultural importance of a wild food species in the Tehuacan Cuicatlan. Valley, Mexico: The case of Enterolobium cyclocarpum
•KOSAR, Muberra - Mehmet KOYUNCU and K. Husnu Can BASER / Folk use of some wild and cultivated Allium species in Turkey
•YILDIRIMLI, Sinasi - Aslı DOGRU KOCA / Uses of some Turkish Asparagus and Tamus species as food
•YUCEL, Ersin - Gulcin YILMAZ / Consumption ways of some Rumex species as food in Turkey
PANEL 2: Ethnobotanical Studies on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

•HERSCH-MARTINEZ, Paul / Current challenges and scenarios regarding the integration of medicinal plants popular knowledge and formal health systems in Mexico
•MANANDHAR, Narayan P. / Native phytotherapy among rural population of Nepal
•MARTINEZ, Maria Rosa - Maria Lelia POCHETTINO - Marta CRIVOS - Carolina REMORINI - Anahi SY / Gathering and circulation of medicinal plants in a pluricultural context (Misiones, Argentina)
•SHINWARI, Muhammad Ibrar - Maryum Ibrar SHINWARI / Ethnobotany of medicinal and aromatic plants in Pakistan: An Overview
•TOMEI, Paolo Emilio - Rita Elisabetta UNCINI MANGANELLI, Serena TRIMARCHI, and
Fabiano CAMANGI / Ethnopharmacobotany in Italy: State of knowledge and prospect in the future
•ALPARSLAN, Duygu F. - Ertan TUZLACI / The folk medicinal plants of the European part of Turkey
•BASER, Kemal Husnu Can - Gulendam TUMEN - Hulusi MALYER - Nese KIRIMER / Plants used for common cold in Turkey
•BELHATTAB, Rachid - Georgios KALANTZAKIS - Dimitrios BOSKOU / Antioxidant activity and total phenolic content of two plants belonging to the Lamiaceae family: Origanum glandulosum Desf. and Marrubium vulgare L.
•COBANOGLU, Gulsah - Cenk SESAL, Yildiz AYDIN - Muserref OZEREN MORGAN and Zeki SEVEROGLU / The antimicrobial and the antifungal effects of some lichens with a potential medical and economic use in Turkey.
•ELCI Tarikahya, Burcu - Sadik ERIK - Ziver BERKMAN / Some anticarcinogenic plants and their usage in the Gudul District (Ankara-Turkey)
•GUIDO, Jose Salvador FLORES - Rita VERMONT-RICALDE, and Jesus KANTUN / Aromatic plants and their application in traditional medicine at the Mayan communities of the Yucatan Peninsula
•GUARRERA, Paolo Maria - Maria Lucia LEPORATTI / Analogies and divergences in the use of medicinal plants in different areas of Central and Southern Italy
•LEPORATTI, Maria Lucia - Kamel GHEDIRA / Popular phytotherapy in Italy and Tunisia, a preliminary comparison
•OKUYAMA, Emi - Samir Kumar SADHU - Shunsuke YAMAMOTO - Haruhiro FUJIMOTO,
Masami ISHIBASHI - Erdem YESILADA / Prostaglandin-inhibitory and antioxidant components of Cistus laurifolius, a Turkish medicinal plant
•OZ Aydin, Serap - Tuncay DIRMENCI - Gulendam TUMEN - Kemal Husnu Can BASER / Plants used as analgesic in the folk medicine of Turkey
•PUTSCHER, Johanna - Christian R. VOGL / An ethnobotanical survey on herbal medicine in Quito markets
•RIVERA-ARCE, Erika - X. LOZOYA - R. ALVARADO - E. ZARATE - J. AGUERO, M. CHAVEZ, M. GATTUSO / Ethnobotany and pharmacognosy of the Mexican Plant Drug: Mimosae tenuiflorae
•SALUD PEREZ, G. Maria - Miguel A.S. ZAVALA - Daniel M. ZAVALA - Cuauhtemoc G. PEREZ / Anti-diarrhoeal activity of Chysactinia mexicana
•SALUD PEREZ, G. Maria - Miguel A.S. ZAVALA - Cuauhtemoc G. PEREZ - Daniel M. ZAVALA / Anti-diarrhoeal effect of different extracts of Bidens odorata
•SALUNKHE, Chandrakant B. - N.K. DRAVID / Little known medicinal uses of some flowering plants of Maharashtra, India
•SANCHEZ ROJAS, Cristina P. - M. Reyes GONZALEZ-TEJERO - Jose M. RAMIRO GUTIERREZ - M. CASARES PORCEL - J. MOLERO MESA / Ethnobotany in Sierra de Huelva (South Spain): Medicinal plants
•SANTOS, Sara - Ana I.D. CORREIA - A. Cristina FIGUEIREDO - Luis S. DIAS - Alexandra S. DIAS / The use of herbal remedies in urban and rural areas of the Setubal Peninsula (Portugal): A study among elders
•Satıl, Fatih - Tuncay DIRMENCI - Gulendam TUMEN / The trade of wild plants that are named as Thyme (kekik) collected from Kazdag
•SHINWARI, Muhammad Ibrar - Maryum Ibrar SHINWARI / Ethnobotanical study of medicinal and aromatic plants of moist temperate Himalayas in Pakistan
•TAGHIZADEH, Mitra - Mohamad Reza SALEHI ALEA - Mahshid TAGHIZADEH / The efficacy of a herbal mouthwash on the control of gingivitis
•TUNALIER, Zeynep - Nese KIRIMER - K. Husnu Can BAŞER / Demise of a 60-year old Turkish herbal medicine: Lityazol Cemil
•TUMEN, Gulendam - Hulusi MALYER - K. Husnu Can BASER - Serap OZ AYDIN / Plants used in Anatolia for wound healing
PANEL 3: Plant Use of Farmers and Pastoralists

•ANDERSON, Patricia C. / Non-mechanised processing and storage of cereals, grasses and pulses used for fodder, fuel, food and crafts: Examples from N. Tunisia, Atlas Region, Northwestern Tell
•BERTSCH, Christian Christian - R. VOGL - Carolina Joana DA SILVA / Ethnoveterinary medicine for cattle and horses in the Northern Pantanal Matogrossense, Brazil
•GRADE, Jeanne T. - Patrick VAN DAMME / Goat's self-medication against internal parasites in Karamoja, Uganda
•PUNNIAMURTHY, Natesan / Ethno Veterinary Medicine (EVM): Use of fresh herbal extracts under field conditions for primary veterinary health care in India
•VAN ASSELDONK , Tedje - Helen BEIJER / Herbal folk remedies for animal health in the Netherlands
•MANCA, Manuela - Tania MANCA / Uses of plants by shepherds in working process of milk in the village of Bitti (Sardinia, Italy)
•GONZALEZ, Jose MARTINEZ - Juan Jose LASTRA MENENDEZ / Ethnobotanical study of the cattle farmers profile in the Aller Valley (Asturias, Spain)
•PERDOMO-MOLINA, Antonio C. / The use of local fig tree varieties (Ficus carica L.) for animal feed purposes in the Canary Islands (Spain)
•SHRESTHA, Ila - Keshab SHRESTHA / Medicinal plants in ethnoveterinary practices in Langtang National Park, Nepal
•VIEGI, Lucia - Simonetta BULLITTA, and Giovanna PILUZZA / Traditional veterinary practices in some rural areas of Sardinia (Italy)
•VIEGI, Lucia - Ignazio CAMARDA - Giovanni PIRAS / Some aspects of ethnoveterinary medicine in Sardinia (Italy)
PANEL 4: Reproduction and Transmission of Botanical Knowledge and Technology in Basketry and Plaited Artifact

•ASANTE, Belle / Reviving sustainable plant-based crafts when recent trends favor synthetic fiber usage: Stylistic vicissitudes of Harari baskets in Ethiopia
•ERTUG, Z. Fusun / An overview of the plaited crafts of Turkey (Anatolia and Thrace)
•NOVELLINO, Dario / Weaving traditions from Island Southeast Asia: Historical context and ethnobotanical knowledge
•NOVELLINO, Dario / An account of basket weaving and the use of fibre plants in the Mount Aurunci Regional Park (Central Italy)
•VOUGIOUKALOU, Sonia A. / Weaving knowledge and weaving plants: What will survive the 21st century?
•CARVALHO, Ana Maria - Manuel PARDO-DE-SANTAYANA - Ramon MORALES / Traditional knowledge of basketry practices in a Northeastern Region of Portugal
•PIRAS, Giovanni / Plant-derived utensils employed in traditional agro-pastoral activities in Northwest Sardinia, Italy
•SANCHEZ-ROJAS / Ethnobotany in Huelva province (Spain): Basketry and woodcarving
•TARDIO, Javier - Laura ACEITUNO - Ramon MORALES / The use of plant-based brooms in the province of Madrid (Spain)
PANEL 5: Biodiversity and Genetic Resources

•BASURTO, Francisco - Virginia EVANGELISTA - Myrna MENDOZA, and Miguel Angel MARTINEZ ALFARO / Food fruits of home gardens and coffee plantations in the Sierra Norte de Puebla, Mexico
•ETKIN, Nina L. / Wild plant management in rural Hausaland: Local ecological knowledge contributes to the conservation of biodiversity
•HEYWOOD, Vernon H. / Human use of plant resources - the knowledge base and conservation needs
•KHAN, Amin U. / Demonstrating the forgotten values of a threatened thorn forest community at an archaeological site: The case for popularizing values in an illustrative manner
•SERRATO CRUZ, Miguel Angel - Juan Saul BARAJAS PEREZ / Tagetes filifolia Lag.: A Mexican genetic resource
•FLORES-SERRANO, Rosa María - J. Salvador FLORES, Rosario ITURBE - Guillermina PEREZ / Plant diversity and soil contamination (hydrocarbons and metals): A case study in Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, Mexico
PANEL 6: Continuity and Change in Food and Medicine: Archaeobotany and the Written Record

•BECKMANN, Sabine / Root, resin, red and ritual purification - The role of terebinth in Eastern Mediterranean Bronze Age cult
•CAPPARELLI, Aylen - M. Lelia POCHETTINO - Andreoni DIEGO - Ruben D. ITURRIZA / Differences between written and archaeological record: The case of plant micro remains recovered at a Northwestern Argentinean Pipe
•CLARK, Patricia A. / Iatrosophia and oral traditions: A case study in Crete’s Amari valley
•LU, Tracey / The exploitation of Taro in South China
•MATTHEWS, Peter J. / Written records of Taro in the Eastern Mediterranean
•MEGALOUDI, Fragkiska / Kollyva and funeral bread offerings in Greece: The example of Thasos Island
•NERI-VELA, Rolando M.D. / The Badianus Codex and Ophthalmology
•LIVARDA, Alexandra - Georgia KOTZAMANI / Plant lore in ‘Dark Age’ Greece: Archaeobotanical evidence from Lefkandi, Euboea,
literal sources and traditional knowledge combined
•DONMEZ, Emel OYBAK / Plant use at Early Bronze Age Gre Virike (Sanliurfa, Turkey)
PANEL 7: Capturing Local Perceptions and Priorities of Ethnobotanical Resources

•GONZALEZ-CHEVEZ, Lilian - Paul HERSCH-MARTINEZ / Medicinal ethnobotany and meaning construction. A semiotic analysis of plants through representations and practices of some illnesses from the Nahua culture of Guerrero, Mexico
•MORALES, Ramon - Manuel PARDO-DE-SANTAYANA - Javier TARDIO / The perception of plants in the complete works of Cervantes, particularly “Don Quijote”
•PARDO-DE-SANTAYANA, Manuel - Elia SAN-MIGUEL / The gender of plants according to popular nomenclature in the North of Spain
•SERRATO-CRUZ, Miguel Angel / Cempoalxochitl: A Mexican flower symbolizing the human
•FRUTH, Barbara - Musuyu MUGANZA / Traditional use of wild rainforest plants by the Nkundo, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
PANEL 8: Gender Issues in the Ethnobotanical Research

•FRIEDL, Erika / Old plants and new woman in the Zagros Mountains, Iran
•PADMANABHAN, Martina Aruna / Governing the use and conservation of agricultural biodiversity: Institutional and gender analysis of rice cultivation in South India
•SHAHEEN, Begum - Mohammad Adnan SAHIBZADA / Role of women in collection, processing and marketing of medicinal plants in Roringar Valley, Swat, Pakistan
•TURNER, Nancy J. / “Those Women of Yesteryear”: Woman and production of edible seaweed (Porphyra abbottiae) in Coastal British Columbia, Canada
PANEL 9: Conservation and Development: Ethnobotanical Discipline at Ethical and Professional Crossroads

•GUPTA, Anil K. / Ethical issues in accessing people’s knowledge and innovations for developing low cost health technologies
Linking applied ethnobotany to social learning: A participatory tool for the promotion of indigenous plants use in Matutuíne, Southern Mozambique
PANEL 10: Theory and Methodology in the Study of Ethnobotany

•RIGAT, Montse - M. Angels BONET - Sonia GARCIA - Teresa GARNATJE - Joan VALLES Ethnobotanical studies in the High River Ter Valley (Pyrenees, Catalonia, Iberian Peninsula)
•CAMARDA, Ignazio / Ethno-systematic of Sardinian flora as a scientific system
•CENTURION-HIDALGO, Dora - Jaime Gabriel CAZARES-CAMERO - Judith ESPINOSA-MORENO - Alberto MAYO-MOSQUEDA / Ethnobotanical study of Arecaceae of Tabasco's Sierra of Mexico
•CEUTERICK, Melissa - Patrick VAN DAMME / Indigenous use, nomenclature and classification of plants in a Nahuatl-speaking village in the Balsas-Basin, Guerrero, Mexico
•LUNA-MORALES, Cesar del C. / Science, traditional knowledge and ethnobotany
Maryum Ibrar SHINWARI and Muhammad Ibrar SHINWARI / Nomenclatural ambiguity found about herbal crude drug material used in Unani Medicines of Pakistan
PANEL 11: Transmission, Contact and Exchange of Plant Resources and Knowledge Between Regions: Historical and Contemporary Approaches

•FRAZAO-MOREIRA, Amelia / Arabic Gum: From its historical importance in the global markets to its contemporary significance in the local context of Mauritania
•KLAPPA, Stefanie / Sago and the settling of Sahul: how present patterns of plant use may illuminate subsistence prehistory
•SOSA, Carlos R. RAMIREZ / Quantitative ethnobotany in El Salvador, Central America: A model to study ethobotanical knowledge dynamics
•SAMANCI, Ozge / Vegetable Patrimony of the Ottoman Culinary Culture

•BOER, Hugo J. DE - Anneleen KOOL / Ethnobotany at Uppsala University
•DONMEZ, Ali A. - S. Olga BAYRAKTAROGLU / Plants of the Ince Memed: A novel written by Yasar Kemal
•DONMEZ, Ali A. - Emel OYBAK DONMEZ - Serap ISIK / Cultivation of the saffron (Crocus sativus L.) in Turkiye and saffron stories
•EMRE BULUT, Gizem - Ertan Tuzlaci / An ethnobotanical study in Bozcaada (Canakkale-Turkey)
•GUNES, Fatma / The ethnobotanical importance of some Lathyrus (Fabaceae) species
•OZYIGIT, Ibrahim Ilker - Nermin Gozukirmizi - Belma D. SEMIZ / Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of cotton: Gossypium hirsutum L. “Cukurova 1518” from Turkey
•RAMACHANDRAN, Veerambakkam S. - Jaya VIJAYAN / Contribution to the knowledge of non-timber products from tropical forests: A case study from Walayar Range, Palakkad district, Kerala, India
•REZVANI MOGHADDAM, Parviz - Motlagh AHMADZADEH / Agronomical studies of black cumin (Nigella sativa) as a new crop in dry and semi dry agricultural system of Iran
•SESKAUSKAITE, Daiva / Plants in Lithuanian Folk Songs
•SENOL, Serdar Gokhan - Ozcan SECMEN - Emin UGURLU / Some ethnobotanical uses in the rural areas of Odemis, Tire, Kiraz (Izmir-Turkey)
•VAN ASSELDONK, Tedje - Arend de HAAS / Spontaneous foraging behavior of primates in outdoor enclosures
•YILDIRIMLI, Sinasi - Asli DOGRU KOCA - Muhittin DINC / The Turkish folk plant names and some uses

•NOVELLINO, Dario - Z. Fusun ERTUG / General Introduction “Baskets of the World” the Social Significance of Plaited Crafts
•NOVELLINO, Dario / An introduction to basketry in Island Southeast Asia
The Philippines (Oriental Mindoro / Southern Palawan / Northern-Central Palawan)
Borneo-Indonesia (West/Central Kalimantan)
•PURI, Rajinda K. / Indonesia (East Kalimantan)
•CHUA, Rachel / Eastern Malaysia (Sabah)
•ELLEN, Roy F. / Indonesia, the Moluccas (South Central Seram)
•VOUGIOUKALOU, Sonia / An introduction to basketry in Polynesia, South Pacific (The Cook Islands)
•BUTCHER, Mary / An introduction to basketry in Japan (Kyushu Island)
•SANTE, Belle / An introduction to basketry in Africa (Ethiopia)
•El HAOUZI, M. - Gary J. MARTIN / Africa (Morocco)
•BICHARD, Maurice / An introduction to basketry in the Mediterranean
•NOVELLINO, Dario / Central Italy (Maranola)
•MINONNE, Francesco - Concetta MELE - Antonella ALBANO - Silvano MARCHIORI / Salento (Apulia), Southern Italy
•CARVALHO, Ana Maria / Northeastern Portugal (Tras-os-Montes)
•GUTIERREZ, Jose M. RAMIRO - M. Reyes GONZÁLEZ-TEJERO - Cristina P. SANCHEZ ROJAS / Spain (Huelva Province)
•ERTUG, Z. Fusun / Turkey (Aksaray / Buldan-Denizli / Bodrum-Mugla)
•KIRMACI, Mesut - Zahide SAHIN and Serhat MANAV / Turkey (Aydin)
•AKAN, Hasan / Turkey (Mardin)
•POWELL, Josephine / Turkey (Anatolia)
•BUTCHER, Mary / An introduction to basketry in Eastern and Central Europe
•SESKAUSKAITE, Daiva / Lithuania (Sargeliai)
Index of the Authors and Organizers

Author : Z.Fusun Ertug 

Publisher : Ege Yayınları

Publication Date: 2006

ISBN : 975807153X

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Page Number: 693

Published in: Istanbul

Number of Print: 1st Print

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